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Belinda Jane Piper

Bel Piper

Bel Piper

Belinda Jane Piper ‘Bel’, sadly succumbed to the battle that her and Nick have been fighting, on Wednesday 31st March, aged just 53 years.

Unfortunately due to her popular nature the funeral will be a private service, attendance will be strictly by invite only.

It will take place on Tuesday 20th April at 1pm.  The service will be webcast for those who wish to be as close as current circumstances allow, go to: www.obitus.com Username: yeqa3713 Password: 086036

Her family have set up an online donations account at :- https://gofund.me/cc4d44b3

We invite you to leave your comments, thoughts and condolences in the box below.  More information from the office in St John Road, Wroughton or 01793 814602

“Forever in our hearts”

19 Responses

  1. It was Bels wish, from the point at which she was diagnosed with terminal Cancer that Jem and Karen looked after her. We can all rest in the knowledge that all her wishes, should she not win the battle, have now been realised. Bless you all. X

  2. I met Bel at our village craft group she was incredibly creative and always willing to share her passion for craft . She helped me so many times with craft projects and taught my daughters to crochet over Zoom , they have gone on to make soft toys and jumpers thanks to Bel’s patience and humour. We have also been privileged to help Bel look after her garden . She choose the the most beautiful plants and it was always one of our favourite places to work . Bel and I bonded over a love of cats , craft , plants and humour . She was the kindest most caring person I have met who clearly had a special bond with Nick . I miss her humour and messages popping into my inbox . Our love goes to Nick and the Asbo boys . Carrie and Rik x

  3. Where do I start, I met one of my best friends whilst working at Zanussi in 1998 I think, after we got made redundant, we actually went on to work together another 2 times. We used to spend our lunch times looking in the charity shops for bargains, we also enjoyed many Spa days together at the Donnington Valley Hotel, we also loved a mooch round the Christmas markets, last one was at Highclere Castle, we actually got told of for taking a photo of the Christmas tree, we did laugh!! We have had many amazing times together, that’s why I choose Bel to be my maid of honour and God mother to my daughter. We will miss her so much!! She will never be forgotten, so many memories. R.I.P you amazing, crazy, funny, kind, gorgeous lady xxxxxxxx

  4. I met Belinda in 2017 when she joined Nikkiso. I knew straight away that she was one of life’s good eggs and we hit it off straight away. She bought so much life and joy to our little team, so kind, thoughtful and caring with a wicked sense of humor. Her strength, bravery and passion were truly inspirational, such a beautiful amazing woman with a heart of gold. I will miss her dearly.
    Rest in peace lovely, with lots of sparkle, glitter, cats and unicorns! XXXX

  5. I met our dearest Bel at a breast cancer rehab class where we giggled and laughed and soon became the best of friends. Bel then introduced me to the wonderful world of crafting where she shone like the glitter all over the tBle itself. Mean while the rest of us tried to keep up while jamming our sewing machines and dropping our knitting stitches. Bel, you will always be the Queen of Crafts and Glitter Princess (as per your name on our Facebook chat). We shared so much fun together- making even hospital visits a fun adventure, so many lovely walks and talks and our absolute favourite … Nandos and cinema dates ! We had amazing girlie sleep overs, complete with movies, bubbles and chocolate and Fat Cat (Bel’s cuddly cat toy she took everywhere). We created so many gorgeous memories that I will treasure forever. Never forgotten and always in my heart.

    When I remember Bel, I see her smiling and laughing and so full of warmth and friendship. I look forward to when we can all party up there together Bel, when it’s our time too, but in the meantime keep causing mischief and have a lovely time. I can hear your gorgeous infectious giggles from here ! Love you so much, keep sprinkling glitter everywhere you go. Love and God Bless from Chezzie xxx

  6. Nick and Bel:
    The ultimate partnership (if we could all have even half of what they have together everyone would be so happy)
    Lovely valued family friends.

    One of my earliest memories of Bel was at an Autotest, Philip and I wouldn’t have been very old, and Mum asked Bel if we could wait/watch with her (on our bestest behaviour!) while Nick, Mum and Dad went and organised their varying cars for the auto test (luckily Bel said yes😀)

    A song that always reminds me of Nick and Bel when it’s playing on the radio is;
    Eric Clapton- Wonderful tonight. (Scarily about 30yrs ago too!) I remember Nick singing this (essentially to Bel) whilst playing guitar (a truly magical experience) after an afternoon of fun and games and BBQ in their garden.

    More recently we had a lot of laughs at the Barn sales for the local animal charities, a family outing with Bel. Queuing up before the sale opened we’d all chat about what we were hoping to find, and then be on a mission to find these items and more for each other!!

    My last catch up with Bel (and Nick) in person was at my Dad’s 60th party, Bel looked stunning in her outfit, glowing even and so happy, we were chatting about the next Barn sale outing, and comparing nail varnish colour!! xx

    I’m going to miss the lovely posts Bel would post on FB about her most recent outings with ‘Fat cat’, her latest crafting creations, and musings about the world and the ASBO boys most recent shenanigans.

    I really hope both Nick and Bel know/knew how loved and appreciated they are.

    I have some really lovely, happy memories of Bel; a truly inspiring, happy and creative lady.

    Keep sparkling lovely lady xx

  7. Bel, you are a beautiful lady that has become a beautiful angel. Always in our hearts. I will personally take comfort in memories of you, a truely inspirational incredible funny talented (the list is endless) friend …..

    Precious memories of your smile and laughter will overcome the words not found to describe the loss………. ❤️ XXX

  8. To our brave friends Nick and Bel

    We’ll always cherish the many happy memories we’ve shared over the years.

    We’ve mooched the charity shops, barn sales, the clothing warehouse-trying on all sorts- laughing till our jaws ached!
    You found a wonderful outfit & shoes, which you wore to Andy’s 60th, you looked absolutely stunning and radiant with Nick at your side.

    We’ve had hours of fun playing games, Buzz ( way into the small hours!) – scalextric too. Not forgetting the concerts or live music in the garden at Broxton.

    We’ve walked Race for Life in all weathers! One memorably with a hang over!

    We will always remember you with affection Bel, not forgetting your crafts, you’ve lovingly created. They will continue to be part of our Christmas’s.

    Gonna be hard leaving your name off future cards to Nick. It has always been ‘Nick and Bel’ from the 1st time we met back in the ‘80’s.
    More than sad you were only 53 and still can’t believe’ you’re not coming back’.

    Just rest in peace lovely lady, you’ve achieved your ‘mission’, getting your Nick and the Asbos, sorted and settled in Almond Drive ,which was so important to you.

    With our love
    Andy and Karen
    Xx. Xx

  9. I only have happy memories of fun filled childhood days of paddling pool fun, laughter, country lane walks, visits to Nanny Wicks and Sunday tea times. Bel you obviously enriched the lives of your friends,family and colleagues over the years with your sparkle and generosity. Here’s hoping that Nick, Debbie and everyone else find comfort in the knowledge that you will be missed by so many but remembered so fondly. Bless you xx

  10. My little sister Bel.

    I have 53 years of memories. We had an ideal childhood living in the country, bike rides, fishing, football, den building, splashing through the ford (much to mum’s disgust), birthday parties, seeing our cousins and grandparents. Lots of holidays to Devon/Cornwall, day trips to Southsea or zoo/theme park. My fondest memory was Bel putting the door key in a safe place after she had locked up the house. She was about 9 or 10. Instead of hiding it in an out-house as usual, she had this daft idea of posting it through the letter box! We were well and truly locked out. Fortunately it was summer and an upstairs window was open. Another occasion, our cousins came for the day and we had been playing in the garden shed. We were called in for a meal so Bel and I went in. My aunt asked where our cousins were and Bel replied she had locked them in the shed! We were in trouble then.

    Up to our teens we were always as a pair. We loved charity shops and jumble sales. In later years we meet regularly at the Barn Sale, together with Karen and Andy, with our latest shopping list and alert each other to items of interest. Bel was the creative one, producing some stunning things, cards, blankets, decorated glassware etc. Even at the start of the pandemic she crocheted face mask straps for key workers. She loved sparkly glittery things and there would always be something humorous behind it. Michael found his last christmas card from Bel that she had made – he will keep this forever and believe me, he will.

    I am missing WhatsApp and the eye rolling over the latest sagas. I still cannot believe Bel is not coming back.

    Sleep tight xxxx

  11. Our first wish would be that Bel was still here
    Her special magic to give us good cheer
    Our second wish is that Bel is at rest
    Deservingly happy in God’s little nest
    Our third wish for you Nick may you shine through the tears
    And enjoy lovely memories that you have made through the years

  12. Bel and I were sisters-in-law and friends for more than 30 years and shared many common interests, not least of which was shoe-collecting!
    We have both enjoyed various art & craft projects, often swapping ideas and examples of our latest creative attempts, regularly exchanging home-made birthday and Christmas cards.
    Like me, Bel loved looking for bargains in second hand sales and charity shops. We have enjoyed the occasional live music event as well as many meals together. We once spent a particularly pleasant couple of hours checking out the venue for my son’s forthcoming wedding which mainly involved enjoying the excellent afternoon tea, leaving Nick in his man cave with a pot noodle!
    But it will be Bel’s sense of humour which will be remembered above all else. Our conversations often descended into silliness! Even in some of her darkest moments she was still somehow able to find the funny side of life and make us all smile.
    Thanks for the laughs.
    God bless

  13. We met Belinda at the weekly Wellbeing class at Northcroft Leisure Centre Newbury and hit it off from the start!
    We kept in touch by e mail over the past year and were so impressed with Belinda’s positivity.
    As others have said she will be sorely missed but will remain a true friend and inspiration.

  14. I met Belinda when I started at Nikkiso in 2018. She brightened up my day with her cheerful chatter!
    I admired her creative ability and eagernous to try something new. I loved to hear Belinda’s craft plans for the festive period, her creations always amazed me.
    Belinda we will miss you!

  15. I was at school with Belinda mother, Ivy. We kept in touch for 59 years. I remember Debbie and Belinda as small children and have corresponded with them over the last few years.

    I am so sad at the loss of such a lovely person as Belinda. She was so brave and positive. May she rest in peace.

    Love from Jude and family xx

  16. I was fortunate enough to meet Belinda in 2017 when she started at Nikkiso and she quickly became a friend. An incredibly sparkly positive and upbeat person that always brought a smile to my face. She managed to support me through the most difficult time of my life and despite her own fight was continually checking on me which just shows what a selfless, caring, and loving person she was. She knew the right thing to say and how to make me laugh. I miss our daily WhatsApp conversations and talking about the mischief she was causing. She was a talented lady and I loved seeing her craft work and latest creations, as you could see the joy and satisfaction, she got from it and she created some beautiful work. I miss her dearly and will always remember her for the positive, inspiring, creative, mischievous, and loving lady that she was. Xx

  17. I first came to know Bel through Nick in the 90’s via the time spent together building, rallying, rebuilding rally cars. Bel was always there to support, watch and sympathise as required. It was always obvious how together and happy they both were and true soul mates. She loved life, Nick, cats and friends and offered support to all. She is, was and always will be remembered as a truly lovely lady. Rest Easy.

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