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A Grief Journey – Part Two.

A Grief Journey - Part Two

In the depths of sorrow’s night, Through the tears that blur our sight, Hope’s a whisper, soft and true, Healing light will find you.   In shadows deep, where sorrow lies, A whisper soft, a gentle rise, The dawn breaks through with tender grace, A new beginning in its embrace. Wounds may pierce and hearts may break, But time’s embrace […]



This is the first of a two part discussion that Joy has written, and as you will see it is deeply meaningful to her, join her as she invites you to come to terms with your own grief. How bereavement uniquely shapes our grief. There is ‘no’ comparison to a personal exploration of pain. Choosing […]

A Life in Death

Joy Pedder

A Life in Death: Navigating Funeral Care with Blue Chip Corporations and Family Businesses As many of you will know, Joy has joined us as another Funeral Director to help lighten the load a little, so I asked her to write a bit about her history within the larger corporation’s compared to a family run […]

Happy Father’s Day?

Happy Father’s Day On Father’s Day, it can be a heartfelt and meaningful gesture to express your love and remembrance for your father, even though he is no longer with you. Here’s a message you could consider: “Dear Dad, Though you are no longer here with us, your love and presence continue to shape my […]

Can My Family Carry The Coffin?

Can My Family Carry The Coffin?

Can My Family Carry The Coffin? A question we are asked very often – one which we always answer in the affirmative, Yes you can.  I would always encourage family and friends to help with the carrying of the coffin, and give full and precise instructions as to how it should be done. There is […]

Myths about Funeral Directors

Direct Cremations - are they right for you.

Direct Cremations – are they right for you. With the recent explosion of aggressive advertising on the TV for so called ‘Direct Cremations’, I thought it about time to actually explain why us as Independent Funeral Directors can, and always will, offer a better service to Wroughton & Swindon families than large corporate conglomerates. Myth […]

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