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  As we enter our second week of this most unusual situation, I think it’s probably time to discuss how the current Coronavirus restrictions are going to affect us as we try to arrange and conduct our families funerals. We are following Government guidelines but are keeping the office  open until 2pm on weekdays.  Should it be necessary, I am happy to attend your family home whilst still keeping the required 2m distances.  We are having to restrict visitors to the office to only two at a time (from the same family) as our arranging room does not lend itself well to complying with the distance requests. We are also having to limit Chapel visits to only two family members at a time. We are disinfecting the interior of our premises following each visit and there is a supply of hand gel available for your personal use. As many of you are probably aware, the crematorium’s have placed a limit to the number of attendee’s at a funeral….this is currently a maximum of 10 close family members.  We understand how difficult this may be for some families but we all need to stay safe in these very difficult times but still send loved one’s on their final journey with dignity and respect. This has also highlighted the increased use of ‘webcasting’ the service should you need it. The crematorium’s have drastically reduced the cost in an attempt to reduce some of the stress and enable those unable to attend to view the service live online. Unfortunately, we have had to restrict the use of the limousine as this does not comply with the aforementioned distance rules however, we are more than happy to transport members of the same family who live in the same household. Please get in touch with us here in St John Road if you have any questions in these difficult times. Please stay home and stay safe, my best wishes until next time. Jem. April 2020.
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