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What is a family funeral? This question came about when I was asked why we chose to call our company Mead Family Funerals.  It set me thinking exactly that, what is a family funeral?

For Karen and I what we do is all about looking after our families, whether it is the loved one that has passed away, or those left behind.  We have a duty of care to everybody we come into contact with, both physically and emotionally, and as members we abide by the BIFD Code of Ethics.

Physically to take care of their body, and to present them in the best possible way.  As I always say, “If my dad needs his hair washed, then your dad will get his hair washed too”.  To us it’s the little things that matter, like allowing families to visit their loved ones in the Chapel of Rest 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at any time, day or night it matters not to us.  If it’s right for you, then it’s right for us.

Emotionally by supporting you when you need it the most, explaining all your different options to enable you to give them the best farewell possible. By listening to you, by understanding where you are at and what you are thinking, that’s where we are coming from to help you to say goodbye.  It doesn’t stop after the funeral either, we are still in weekly contact with some of our families, who just drop in for a cuppa and a chat.

A Family Funeral to us here in Swindon & Wroughton is being here when you need us, listening to you, helping you and making sure that you have the best possible support and care throughout your loss and beyond.

Which is why we like to use the phrase, “Your Funeral – Your Way”.

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