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Funeral Planning in Swindon

Putting Your Affairs In Order.

Funeral Planning in Swindon.

Hi everyone, hope you are all staying safe and well.

One of the most important comments that we have heard during these troubled times is “I’m so glad Mum/Dad sorted out their funeral”, and believe me, we have heard it a few times recently.

This started me thinking that we should be encouraging more of our families to think along the same lines, as another one we hear is “I have no idea what they wanted”.  

Families traditionally don’t talk about death as most of us believe that Mum’s and Dad’s are going to live forever, sadly this is not the case.  Some sort of forward planning is a brilliant idea for the living and the deceased.  For the living it’s a great relief to know that most things have been decided. For the deceased there is a great peace of mind knowing that their wishes will be fulfilled and their family will not have to face a lot of difficult decisions.

What do we need to do?

Now, how do we accomplish this? Two things – firstly by filling in one of our unique to Swindon Funeral Wishes leaflets, which can be downloaded here and secondly by taking out a Pre Paid Funeral Plan with us.

The funeral wishes list is exactly what it says it is, a list of your funeral wishes…  For example burial or cremation, religious service or non religious, your musical requests etc. etc.  There is a strange comfort in filling in this form which enables you to know that you will get the send off that you want, however outrageous that may be, without anyone having to worry about the rights and wrongs of it all.  On the other hand, you may just want a very quiet and intimate funeral with only close family in attendance, either way your funeral – your choice.

A pre paid plan is an altogether different case.  The biggest advantage of which is getting a funeral at today’s prices in the future.  You will all have seen these plans being forced upon you on the TV, to the extent of having had enough of seeing them, but trust me they are a brilliant idea.

I’ve said it for years, anyone under the age of 60 should have one.  Who can predict the cost of a funeral in 20,30 or even 40 years?  I certainly can’t, but it will be substantially more than what it is now, and once again, you can plan everything.  Thereby relieving your loved ones of the financial and emotional burden with which they are faced.

Only the best for our families.

Best Funeral Director Swindon

We use Golden Charter as our chosen plan provider, as they are probably the largest and most established in the market. It is so simple to arrange, we believe the funeral is about you, so we don’t have Gold, Silver & Bronze packages.  We come and see you, take your instructions and write a plan to your requirements.  You decide which of the payment options best suits your financial commitments, we send the paperwork to Golden Charter and they issue you and your family with a membership pack. Problem solved.  It really is that simple to give you and your loved ones a perfect peace of mind.

As always, we are more than ready to discuss this matter with you.

So stay safe and I’ll see you all next month, bestest, Jem.

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