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Well, here we are six weeks into what has probably been the most dramatic change in living history, certainly in the last 50 years.   Who could have predicted pubs closed, schools closed, shops closed, etc. etc. and home schooling….. now that’s something to conjure with.  I wonder how many parents have now realised just how difficult a teacher’s life is!!!!   It is the quietest I’ve ever seen it here on the Parade in St John Road for years, although we still have our regulars who knock on the front door either to check in with us, or on us!!!!  Not sure which.   It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to carry out our normal tasks of being Funeral Directors, with the imposed restrictions placed upon us.  One of the hardest things we have to deal with is no hugging – those who know Karen well will know she hugs everyone!!!!  Sometimes the recently bereaved just need a good hug, to know that someone is there for them.   We have to report every day to Swindon Borough Council as to exactly how much space we have and how our supplies are.  This allows them to have an overall picture of how things are in the whole of the borough, ready to implement disaster strategies should they become necessary.   We are expecting the second wave of Covid-19 cases any day now, which is going to stretch our limited resources even further, so please don’t start rushing out to play just yet, there is much to do before that can happen.   Believe it or believe it not, it took three weeks for us as an industry to be classified as key workers, and we are the ones who have to walk into people’s homes, care homes and so on, with no knowledge of what we are walking into, putting ourselves at risk from this awful pandemic.  It is very difficult to feel comfortable when having to wear a full set of PPE whilst removing a loved one from their home.   So, please stay at home, don’t go on unnecessary journeys, keep your distance from everyone else, and help to protect us key workers.   Hopefully I shall have some better news for us all soon, until then with my best wishes Jem.
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