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Coping with bereavement in the new normal within Swindon.

This month, I want to digress from the finer details of arranging a funeral in Swindon.  Why? – I hear you ask.


Well, in these challenging times our new normal has become something that we have all yet to come to terms with.  Definitely from within our beloved profession we have had to change and adapt the way we cope with bereavement, to comply with the current restrictions but still carry out a dignified and respectful funeral for your loved ones.


This has caused many a sleepless night in the Mead household, and as you will be aware we love to hug our families, unfortunately this is no longer permissible.  This is just one of the many things that have become the new normal – not something we wish to see continue, I might add.


With the limitations imposed by the local crematoria and with Churches being effectively closed, we had to come up with a way for non-immediate family/friends to pay their last respects to your loved ones.


After considerable thought, we wondered if we could ‘bring Mohammed to the mountain’ as it were.  So we started to offer the choice of a route around the village, enabling those who couldn’t attend to pay their last respects to the deceased.


Well, we had no idea how emotionally challenging this was to become. Our first trip took us past Willowbrook Gardens, where approximately 300 people had gathered, this was very moving, and as we started to page away, they all started clapping.  Have you ever tried to look professional with tears streaming down your face? – bless her, Karen did.  Once again dear readers, this just goes to prove that we are not immune to showing our emotions.


The very next week we knew we were going to be even more challenged, under normal circumstances, this would have been a 500+ attendance at North Wiltshire Crematorium, but we were restricted to just 20 members of the family.  So this led us to another cortege around the village.


With almost 200 people gathered outside the Iron Horse, we knew we had a problem !!!  Every junction along the route had someone raising a glass, by now you will have worked out to whom I am referring, he would have loved every second of it.


It is a lovely way to say goodbye to a loved one, friend, colleague or just someone you know of, so please, don’t stop asking us for ideas on how we can help you say goodbye to your family members.


It is an extremely privileged position we hold in our village, one for which Karen & I are honoured to fulfil for you and your loved ones.


Please, stay safe until next time, Jem.

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