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History states that under normal circumstances we arrange on average 4 funerals in our lives.  We get no formal training to do this, and very often we get totally misleading advice from various different sources.  One of the biggest misconceptions is that “You can’t do anything until you have registered the death’, this is totally untrue !!! – You can. To organise the best possible send off for your loved one, planning should start months in advance by, now here’s a weird thing…….. TALKING.  Heaven forbid talking about death but yes it is the best way to start, discuss what they want; ask about their wishes; wants and desires; and talk it over with them.   We have found one good way of broaching the subject, is to use a Funeral Wishes leaflet.  This contains all the answers to many of the questions that need to be asked before someone dies, and is perfect for starting off the conversation.  (There is one available on this site, if you want one.)  Before I lost my father at the end of last year, we talked openly about what he wanted.  We discussed his music, who his Minister was to be, which Church he wanted to use, about not spending all his money at the leaving party !!!! etc. etc.  Yes it was quite surreal, discussing life after he had gone, but I saw the great comfort it gave him to know that things would be done his way. At the end of the day it’s all about you saying goodbye to them in a way that is right and proper for you and them.  Do not be led astray with a Funeral Package or the statement “This is our Superior Plan madam, I’m sure it is the right one for you!”  No it’s NOT – it is our belief that there is no such thing as a funeral package, how can someone who has never met your loved one possibly know what is right for them?. If you need more advice you will find it on our Arranging a Funeral page,  once you have the details it’s time to contact your chosen Funeral Director.  Now there’s another story to tell, choosing your FD….  maybe for another day. So, I’m going to leave these thoughts with you for now, but please please please TALK to your loved one and their family before it’s too late.   Until next time, Jem – Feb 2020
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