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Latest Coronavirus Updates

Mead Family Funerals Covid Update

To avoid any doubt.

Latest Coronavirus Updates

Hi everyone, we hope you are all keeping safe and well.

As you will all be aware, the guidelines for Covid & Funerals are changing almost daily, so I thought it best if I publish the most recent ones for you to avoid and misapprehensions….

These come from DMAG, (Deceased Management Advisory Group) who are in consultation with the government most days :-


Long-form guidance for managing a funeral updated 
Further to the earlier coronavirus bulletin today, we are now able to share with members updated long-form guidance for managing a funeral in England during the coronavirus pandemic. The guidance includes the following changes:

  • Capacity limits for a funeral have changed from a maximum of 30 attendees to no numerical maximum but rather limits defined by the risk assessment of the venue, based on enabling social distancing between attendees and staff within the venue (whether inside or outside)
  • Changes to social distancing advice where friends and family can now choose whether to have close contact, after considering the risk
  • Organisers therefore need to enable social distancing as opposed to ensuring social distancing and this should be reflected in seating arrangements
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable people are able to attend funerals and are also able to take a risk-based decision when deciding whom to have close contact with
  • Attendance at commemorative events is increasing from up to 15 to up to 30 people
  • Changes to singing advice in line with wider places of worship and safer singing advice
  • Changes to enforcement advice including removal of reference to a £10,000 fixed penalty notice as a means of enforcement for high attendance at a funerals.

Hopefully this will make everything a lot clearer for you all, if you need anymore information please do give us a ring or pop in to St John Road.

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