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Myths about Funeral Directors

Direct Cremations – are they right for you.

With the recent explosion of aggressive advertising on the TV for so called ‘Direct Cremations’, I thought it about time to actually explain why us as Independent Funeral Directors can, and always will, offer a better service to Wroughton & Swindon families than large corporate conglomerates.

Myth – A direct cremation is the cheapest way to have a a no fuss funeral.

As I said above, adverts for this service abound on the television, let me tell you a little secret, as Independent FD’s our primary objective is to remove all the hassle of arranging a funeral for your loved one, and to simplify the whole process.  We have been doing it here in St John Road since we opened in 2009, and will continue to do so.

Another little secret is that a Direct Cremation is not a funeral!!!!  It’s merely a means for disposing of your loved ones earthly remains.  This may suit some families in certain circumstances, but there is no farewell, no chance to say goodbye, very little dignity and certainly no ceremony.

It should be a serious consideration to go down this route, as those left behind will have to live with their decision afterwards.

Yes, we carry out this type of service but will always add the dignity of a proper hearse, 4 pallbearers, a dedicated FD and if allowed by the crematorium, a small attendance by the family.

So please please please think seriously about those that purport to do an ‘All in one cremation’ for £850….

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.  We will always arrange the funeral you want for your loved one.

Until next time, stay safe and look after your loved ones.  Jem & Karen.

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