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National President B.I.F.D.

The British Institute of Funeral Directors has a new National President…..

National President B.I.F.D.

On the 28th October  2022 I was appointed and invested as the Institute’s national president, in front of 140 guests, members of the Institute, and representatives of the kindred associations.  So now the real work begins.

As many of you are already aware, Karen & I are the Admin team for the Institute and are fully committed to raising the national standards of Funeral Directing, and hopefully getting the government to finally License EVERY Funeral Director in the country.  To this extent, I have recently trained to be an examiner for the B.I.F.D. and am enjoying seeing the younger members of the profession taking their Certificate & Diploma examinations.  This then leads them on to becoming licensed, and joining the other 139 of us that are currently licensed.

Licensing is on its way in Scotland already, and as we know, what happens north of the border inevitably happens south of it as well, and we are talking to the Government on an almost weekly basis regarding this. It has probably come as quite a surprise to most of you to know that there is no legal requirement to currently be licensed to practise as an FD however, this will change soon, and hopefully stem the tide of these so called ‘Direct Cremations’ we all see of the TV every day.

funeral Director's License

We recently had a family who actually booked one of these £895 all in funerals, who having had a few problems with the chosen supplier came to us for some advice.

It turned out that by the time they had read the ‘small print’, their funeral was going to cost more than we would have charged them anyway.  The difference was that we would have carried out the funeral at North Wilts, and returned their loved one’s ashes the next day, and not asked them to go to Birmingham to collect them!!!!  If it seems to good to be true, it probably is….

It is instances like this that we want to stop happening, which is why we put so much effort into our studying and learning.  Yes we run a business but, that allows us to look after your loved ones, our friends and the people of Wroughton in a caring and professional way.

If you need more information about the B.I.F.D. please click on this link here.

Until the next time, please take care of each other.

Jem & Karen.


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