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The Cost of a Funeral in Swindon.

Cost of a funeral, Karen and a VW Campervan

The cost of a funeral.

Hello again and welcome to 2021, let’s just hope and pray that we can move on from the unpleasantness that is challenging us every day.  I am also pleased to hear that the elderly and vulnerable are at last getting their vaccinations, and generally things are starting to look a little more cheery.  This of course is being brought about by the days starting to get longer, but I won’t say a little warmer!!!!

As many of you will already be aware, cost is quite rightly a major influence on the organisation of a funeral, a subject that is very dear to mine and Karens heart. Here in St John Road we are continually striving to give you our customers a little extra, something that ordinarily you would not be expecting.

So, during one of our frequent discussions about work, we wondered exactly how the recently bereaved actually decided upon their chosen funeral directors?  We are well aware that “who did we use for Dad” plays a big part in the decision, and also “who is the nearest” is quite a common response.  

But for those who have never been in the unfortunate position of having to arrange a funeral for a close relative, we think one of the first things anyone, particularly the younger ones would do is reach for the font of all knowledge Mr Google….  and quite rightly so.

What do we find as our answer? Well that depends on what you ask!!!!

“Funeral Directors near me?” – we have already covered that one.  

“Family Funeral Directors Swindon?” – another good choice, however this will not weed out the large multi nationals who buy up local firms and continue to trade under the old familiar names.

Should we be looking at price?  “Cheapest Funeral Director in Swindon?” – a good question, but how many of us actually display our prices on our websites? As it happens quite a few of us do, which is great if you want ‘The Gold Package” – no you do not.  

You want a bespoke funeral for your loved one, not a corporate designed ‘package’, one that is built by you the consumer, and without any pressure from anyone.

Mead Family Funerals Cost calculator

Get a quote.

Well dear reader, you now can!!!!!!  If you have a look at the top of this page that you are reading, right next to the word blog that you just clicked on.  You will see the title “Get A Quote” and this is exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s a funeral cost calculator, where you can work out the cost of your loved one’s funeral, without any interference from anyone. 

You choose exactly which of our services you want, and we will display the cost as you go along, so that you can see the impact of each individual choice.  We will even email these to you, and all without speaking to a soul.  Surely this has to be a good thing?  Nobody needs to know how much you have spent on a loved ones funeral, unless you want them too. 

I would ask you all if you find yourselves in the unfortunate position of being recently bereaved, please do use this facility as we do not want you to be under any misapprehensions as to the cost of a funeral, and if this is a problem for you, give us a ring and we can see if we can help.

I’ve rattled on for long enough, so stay safe, wear a mask and remember 6 feet apart or 6 feet under – It’s your choice.

Covid 19 warning Mead Family Funerals

Here’s to the spring, may your God bless you all.

Jem. January 2021.

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